Revital Dor-Vilc – Senior financial consultant

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In the sophisticated and rapidly evolving financial world that offers unlimited possibilities, it is not simple to make financial decisions.

All of us face these questions when planning our financial portfolio: Where is the most worthwhile and compatible place to manage your bank accounts and financial investment accounts?
Which local and/or international bank(s) will be the most suitable to meet your needs? What
are the reasonable bank fees? What yields can you expect?

How to invest and in what to invest? Do we choose time deposit, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, structures or maybe we need something else?

The overwhelming amount of information and the vast variety of investment products does not simplify the selection process for those who are unfamiliar with the ever changing market.

You will find it extremely useful to have a private financial advisor as your financial consultant – she will be your guider in today?s complex world of finances, matching your needs and expectations to a practical investments in a tailored portfolio.

If you find yourself wondering about those issues, then you can certainly benefit from our independent and impartial consulting services – it is available just a click or a phone call away from you.

What I offer is the education, professionalism and experience that allow me to provide you with the best results and highest quality service.

I will help you build a financial investment portfolio that matches your needs and expectations.

I will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have and meet with you with no strings attached.

Please do not hesitate to call or contact me.

Sincerely Yours,

Revital Dor-Vilc
Senior financial consultant

Note: At the moment the website is not translated to English.
Please feel free to contact me directly (in English).

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